AP Architects

AP Architects is a company experienced in a broad range of project types providing services in architecture, programming, master planning and engineering for public agencies and institutions.

Through years of experience, AP Architects has set a standard for Architecture that is both creative and personal. We are committed to meeting the needs of people – our clients and those who will use the buildings we design. Our approach is to design buildings that are derived from both the site and the program, as we believe that quality buildings are created by considering both the user’s everyday experience and a sense of place over time.

We offer our clients and their communities socially responsible building design that is respectful, rather than monumental. We design buildings that strengthen their settings and provide rich spaces for daily use. Buildings designed by AP Architects are distinguished, original, and considerate of users, sponsors and site.


AP Architects is committed to the philosophy that the beauty of an architectural project is in the relationship of the program with the solution and the solution’s ability to fulfill the needs of the user. The most important tie to this success is communication.

As Architects, we are measured by the timeliness and quality of the professional service we provide, as well as the design solutions we create. We emphasize both quality and service to meet the design and project management needs.


We are a firm of architects, planners and interior designers specializing in a wide range of educational and public sector projects. Throughout the years, we have helped several Colleges to plan their campus development and building design.


AP Architects is an award-winning company with a reputation for designing buildings that are distinguished, original, and considerate of users, sponsors and site.


We love College development. Every year, the increased number of students push for educational building expansion and new service facilities like libraries, dorms, sports fields, etc. Our architects, planners, and project managers have the experience and knowledge to help you to accomplish your goals and take your campus development further…

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